$2K Per Month During Coronavirus 

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

In Congress I will fight for a universal basic income in tandem with expansion of the social security net, so no one loses benefits due to their Universal Basic Income (UBI) payment.

The coronavirus crisis has shown us that millions of Americans are living one paycheck away from catastrophe. As businesses close, we have seen millions of Americans file for unemployment, and calls to suspend rent payments across the country. A UBI will give families the relief they need to survive this crisis and the flexibility to solve their unique problems.

In the long term, as automation and artificial intelligence continue to develop, we need to take care of the workers whose jobs they replace. We must also recognize that many people — such as caretakers and stay-at-home parents — work very hard for no pay. I support a federal jobs guarantee as well as a UBI, so that everyone has the money they need to live with dignity.