Statement: Why Is Rep. Derek Kilmer Voting to Fund Trump’s Secret Police?

Date: July
24, 2020
Ansel Herz:

TACOMA, WARebecca Parson, Democrat for Congress in Washington’s 6th District, on Friday condemned Rep. Kilmer’s enabling of Trump’s authoritarian agenda.

On July 15, as an Appropriations Committee member, Kilmer voted to increase funding for the Department of Homeland Security to $50.72 billion. The same day, DHS agents in unmarked vans were seen kidnapping protesters off the streets in Portland in unmarked vans.

Kilmer’s vote to increase funding for DHS follows votes in recent years to authorize warrantless wiretapping, reauthorize the Patriot Act, fund ICE without sufficient protections for migrant families, and most recently, his vote against an amendment offered by Reps. Mark Pocan and Barbara Lee to cut the Pentagon budget by 10% and invest those funds in housing, health care, and education for poor Americans.

“The 6th District deserves a Democrat who uses every tool they have to stop hate and violence—not just with words but with action. Representative Kilmer voted to give DHS $50 billion in discretionary funding. That’s $50 billion for the agency that is terrorizing the people of Portland, as Trump threatens to send those same secret police to Washington state and cities across the country. Why on Earth would Rep. Kilmer vote to give this agency more money at a time like this? Democrats should be fighting Trump, not enabling him,” Parson said.

“In Congress, I will work to demilitarize the police, eliminate ICE, protect immigrants, and protect our civil liberties,” Parson added. “Residents of the 6th District want someone who uses the power they have to stand up to Trump, not give him and his goons as much money as they want.” 

Rebecca Parson is a Tacoma Area Disabilities Commissioner, tenants’ rights organizer, and small business owner. Along with Beth Doglio if they are elected, she would be the first LGBTQ+ person to hold Congressional office in Washington state.

District 6 extends from Tacoma to Aberdeen and Neah Bay to Bainbridge Island. Learn more about Parson’s campaign at, and follow Parson on Twitter: @RebeccaforWA.