Rep. Derek Kilmer Personally Calls Voters to Make False Claims About Democratic Challenger Rebecca Parson

Rep. Kilmer is afraid to run on his own record, so he’s slinging mud at Rebecca Parson instead.

July 31, 2020
Contact: Ansel Herz,

TACOMA, WA – According to more than 20 voters who have contacted the Rebecca Parson campaign, Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-06) is personally calling voters and falsely claiming that Parson will not vote for Joe Biden. Today, Parson issued the following statement:

“As the first woman to run for this Congressional office, I take seriously any credible allegations of sexual harassment or assault against powerful men, regardless of party.

“Months ago, I called for Joe Biden to drop out so that Democrats could build upon the #MeToo movement with a strong, exemplary candidate to take on Donald Trump. However, Biden is now the party’s undisputed nominee. My position is clear: As Democrats we must defeat Donald Trump in November. That means voting for Biden.

“Before I announced last summer, no woman or LGBT+ person had ever even run for this seat, much less served as the representative. It is an old boys' club. Former Representative Norm Dicks was in office for over 30 years, then hand-picked his friend Derek Kilmer and endorsed him as his successor. Dicks handed all his donors over to Kilmer, so nobody ran against him. 

Today, people are excited to see a working-class woman running on a bold progressive platform in the 6th District. But instead of running on the issues, Rep. Kilmer is trying to use my principled concerns about sexual assault and harassment against me in a desperate bid to shore up votes. I find that disgraceful. 

“If Rep. Kilmer is concerned with opposing Trump’s sexist, racist, authoritarian agenda, he should stop enabling him. The reality is that Rep. Kilmer voted to give DHS $50 billion even as they act as Trump’s secret police; voted to fund Trump’s racist border wall; voted to fund ICE without sufficient protections for children separated from their parents; voted to extend the Patriot Act; and voted to approve Trump’s extreme defense budget.

“To voters I say, who do you want representing you in Congress: someone who fights Trump or someone who enables Trump?

“Rep. Kilmer has now spent more on his campaign than any other Congressional candidate in Washington state because he’s afraid of my ideas and our coalition. But being afraid is not an excuse to mislead voters.” 

Rebecca Parson is a Tacoma Area Disabilities Commissioner, tenants’ rights organizer, and small business owner. Along with Beth Doglio if elected, she would be the first LGBT+ person to hold Congressional office in Washington state.

District 6 extends from Tacoma to Aberdeen and Neah Bay to Bainbridge Island. Learn more about Parson’s campaign at, and follow Parson on Twitter: @RebeccaforWA.