Rebecca Parson Slams Kilmer’s Attack On Social Security

Kilmer Signed Bipartisan Letter Calling for Creation of Bipartisan Panel to “Restore Our Fiscal Health” with Focus on Social Security and Medicare

Date: June 11, 2020
Contact: Justin Nemon -

TACOMA, WA – Democratic candidate for Washington’s 6th Congressional District Rebecca Parson on Wednesday issued the following statement after Rep. Derek Kilmer signed a letter calling for the creation of “rescue committees” to focus on spending on Social Security, Disability Insurance, and Medicare Hospital Insurance:

“It is unconscionable that Rep. Kilmer believes right now is the time to put Social Security and Medicare cuts on the negotiating table in Congress. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. More than 100,000 Americans are dead. People here in the 6th District are out of work and can’t make ends meet. Meanwhile, billionaires are
stuffing their pockets.

“The Republicans who signed this letter know exactly what they’re doing. For decades, commissions and ‘special committees’ in DC have proposed cuts to federal investments that working people here in the 6th District need to survive. I’m not surprised they backed the letter. But why would someone representing a congressional district where 20 percent of people are over the age of 65 support this letter? 

“Will Representative Kilmer explain to us why he’s working in DC to find ways to cut Social Security and Medicare? Or will he join me and commit to never voting to cut Social Security and Medicare in any way? No increases in the retirement age. No so-called ‘chained-CPI.’ No reducing the money our people need to survive.

“This shouldn’t be hard. We shouldn’t need special committees to determine our values.”

Rebecca Parson is a Tacoma Area Disabilities Commissioner, tenants’ rights organizer, and small business owner. She has served as a human rights observer in a paramilitary-threatened indigenous community in Mexico, as an AmeriCorps volunteer, and she worked with the International Association of Genocide Scholars. Parson is the first LGBTQ+ person and the first woman ever to run for Congress in WA-06.

Parson has been endorsed by Brand New Congress, the organization that recruited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run for office, as well as Our Revolution, the Washington State Democrats’ Progressive Caucus, and City Council and School Board members in WA-06.

Learn more about Parson’s campaign at:, and follow Parson on Twitter: @RebeccaforWA.