Ranked-choice voting. End gerrymandering. Crack down on super PACs and lobbyists.

Political Reform

Our elections are for sale. Politicians answer to their donors instead of us.  

As just one example out of many, Representative Kilmer took $10,000 from Raytheon in 2014. The next year, he cosponsored a bill authorizing $286 million for the development of a new Israeli missile defense program being developed by Raytheon.  

Another example: while addictive drugs kill our people, Kilmer takes donations from a Big Pharma PAC whose members are being sued for manufacturing the opioid epidemic. That same PAC is working to kill Medicare for All, which Kilmer refuses to cosponsor — even though it would save lives ravaged by opioids.  

And one of the top priorities of that same PAC was to eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Kilmer did pro-lifers’ bidding and voted to eliminate the Board. Kilmer even cosponsored the bill to eliminate it — even though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said the Board would have saved billions of dollars of taxpayer money. So much for Kilmer’s “fiscal responsibility.”  

Actions like that are why I refuse all corporate PAC money and all lobbyist money: so I answer to YOU, not the 1%.  

When I’m elected to Congress, I will fight for the overturning of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and I will sign on to the American Anti-Corruption Act, which will:  

  • Make it illegal for politicians to take money from lobbyists.
  • Ban lobbyist bundling. 
  • Ban members of Congress and their senior staff from becoming lobbyists for several years after they leave Congress. Close the revolving door of corruption.
  • Ban politicians from fundraising during working hours, so they serve their constituents instead. You work during YOUR workday. Why shouldn’t your member of Congress?
  • Immediately disclose donations online, so we don’t have to wait months to see who’s funding a politician.
  • Stop donors from hiding behind super PACs.
  • End gerrymandering and stop the creation of absurd district boundaries that politicians create solely to ensure their own reelection and give their political party an unfair advantage. 
  • Let all voters participate in open primaries, so independent, people-funded candidates have a fair chance.
  • Let voters rank their top candidates (ranked-choice voting), so independent candidates have a real shot at winning instead of being “spoilers.”
  • Automatic voter registration nationwide, as was recently enacted in Washington.
  • Nationwide mail-in ballots, so everyone in the country can enjoy the same convenient voting we have in our state.
  • Democracy vouchers (as in Seattle) for every citizen in the country to make political donations with no out-of-pocket expense. Only candidates who fundraise solely from small donors will be eligible to receive these vouchers.
  • Crack down on super PACs, so the 1% can’t illegally help their bought-and-sold candidates to win.
  • Eliminate lobbyist loopholes, so lobbyists can’t get away with giving politicians big money “under the radar” anymore.
  • Strengthen enforcement of anti-corruption laws and empower prosecutors to go after the white-collar criminals who have bought and sold our democracy.