Elect one of us.

Creating a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.

It's time to elect a Democrat who will fight for us, not corporations and lobbyists.

Rebecca Parson is running for Congress to create a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.  

As an LGBTQ woman, a tenant, and a small business owner, she knows what it's like to have your voice ignored.  

This will be a campaign that brings us all together to fight for the needs of working families from Tacoma to Bainbridge Island, Aberdeen to Bremerton. We will create an America where everyone lives with dignity, no matter your race, class, gender, sexuality, or ability.  

We will create a country where everyone has a home, a living-wage job, food on the table, free healthcare, free education, real justice, and a future they can look forward to. And we're going to do it without any corporate money.  

The only way to do this is to take on the powerful. We're up against the corrupting influence of dark money in politics. We're up against the status quo, which is more invested in keeping things the same than saving people's lives. And we're up against millions of dollars from the very same industries and corporations devastating our district.  

But we have one thing the powerful don't: people. So who has the real power? We do.

In one of the richest and most progressive states in the country, people shouldn't be sick, struggling, and dying because they can't afford to live. Let's rebuild WA-06 for the many, not for the few. 

I am an organizer, a Democratic Socialist, and a small business owner running to fight for working families in Congress. It is way past time that we in Washington's 6th Congressional District had working-class, lobbyist-free representation in Congress—someone who fights on behalf of Tacoma, Kitsap, and Olympic Peninsula families.

This movement is about affordable, quality housing in the neighborhood YOU want to live in (not where gentrification has driven you to). It's about free healthcare for all. It's about economic security, so ONE job at 40 hours a week is all you need to live—and live well. It's about protecting our trans communities. It's about our future, and making sure we have the environment and infrastructure to support the future we want.

And it's about getting money and corruption out of politics.


As a Court Appointed Special Advocate for kids in foster care and a tenants rights activist, Rebecca advocates for the people who are ignored.

Here's what we can achieve together with a working class leader 


Free, quality healthcare for all. Including vision, dental, mental health, and drug and alcohol treatment.


$15 minimum wage. Guaranteed housing. Universal rent control. Millions of new jobs as we transition to 100% clean and renewable energy.


Women's dominion over their own bodies. Reproductive rights. Women's healthcare. Paid family leave.


Unlike her opponent, Rebecca is taking NO money from corporate PACs or lobbyists. Big money corrupts. Rebecca will serve her donors: the people. You.


Washington's 6th Congressional District

Help send Rebecca to Congress to represent WA-06