Join Our Movement

Creating a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.

Join Our Movement

Creating a home for all of us — not just the wealthiest few.

My name is Rebecca Parson and I am running for Congress to protect and expand Social Security, end homelessness in Washington's 6th Congressional District, and fight for racial and economic justice.  

I’m running because I want to make housing a human right, provide healthcare to all, and make sure people have good-paying jobs.

I'm running to represent my community, Washington’s 6th Congressional District: Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Kitsap County, and the Olympic Peninsula.

I’m running because my opponent takes corporate PAC money—I don’t. You can’t take on the powerful interests that have left District 6 with a raging opioid epidemic and economic desperation if you’re taking their campaign cash.

What’s stopping us from achieving this right now is that corporations, billionaires, and the 1% have bought off our politicians. It’s time to show them what happens when a working-class, multi-racial, multi-generational coalition comes together and fights for fairer, more decent society.

I am an organizer, small business owner, and tenants’ rights activist in Tacoma. I’ve worked as a human rights observer, a substitute teacher, and I’m a commissioner on the Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities. I hold a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. I’m the only Democrat in the race who refuses corporate PAC and lobbyist money, and I’ve been endorsed by Brand New Congress and the Washington State Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus.


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I'm Running Against Derek Kilmer. Here's Where We Stand on the Issues: 

Here's What We Can Achieve Together with a Working-Class Leader:

Free, quality healthcare for all. Including vision, dental, mental health, and drug and alcohol treatment.

$15 minimum wage. Guaranteed housing. Universal rent control. Millions of new jobs as we transition to 100% clean and renewable energy.

Women's dominion over their own bodies. Reproductive rights. Women's healthcare. Paid family leave.

Unlike my opponent, I'm taking NO money from corporate PACs or lobbyists. Big money corrupts. I will serve my donors: the people. You.


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